Christina Thorén

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Domes, 5 and 8 mm in diameter, were made of expanded polytetrafluorethylene membrane with different degrees of stiffness and internodal distance. The domes were placed on denuded calvarial bones of rats and covered by the skin and periosteal flaps. Histologic evaluation 9 to 16 weeks after surgery showed the formation of various amounts of new bone on the(More)
Fibre type composition and fibre areas in skeletal muscle of anorexia patients were studied on biopsies from the m. quadriceps femoris in five male and five females, whose body weight was 2-3.5 SDs less than expected from the normal weight/height relationship. In two of the males, the muscles studies were also made after rehabilitation. A higher than normal(More)
The functional and dimensional components of the oxygen transporting system was studied in 17 female and 11 male patients suffering from anorexia nervosa. Both groups were 14.9 years old, on average, and had lost about 25% of their weight. Measurements at rest included blood and heart volume, heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen uptake (VO2), RQ, blood(More)
Previously reported methods for the correction of tricuspid atresia involve the use of conduits and/or valves. Since many of the younger patients will outgrow their conduits and the long-term durability of the valve prostheses is open to question, we have devised an operation in which the right atrial (RA) appendage is anastomosed to the right ventricle(More)
BACKGROUND Oral implant treatment ad modum Brånemark has been used for decades in the rehabilitation of edentate and partially dentate patients. Posterior jaw regions frequently exhibit bone of poor texture, and it is often difficult to obtain primary stability. Thus, it may prove beneficial to deviate from the original protocol and to use implants with a(More)