Christina Rode

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A classical approach, protein separation by two-dimensional blue native/sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, was combined with tandem mass spectrometry and up-to-date computer technology to characterize the mitochondrial "protein complex proteome" of Arabidopsis (Arabidopsis thaliana) in so far unrivaled depth. We further developed the(More)
In this study, the proteome structures following the pathway in somatic embryogenesis of Cyclamen persicum were analysed via high-resolution 2D-SDS-PAGE with two objectives: (1) to identify the significant physiological processes during somatic embryogenesis in Cyclamen and (2) to improve the maturation of somatic embryos. Therefore, the effects of(More)
Somatic embryogenesis has been shown to be an efficient in vitro plant regeneration system for many crops such as the important ornamental plant Cyclamen persicum, for which this regeneration pathway of somatic embryogenesis is of interest for the vegetative propagation of parental lines as well as elite plants. However, somatic embryogenesis is not(More)
Somatic embryogenesis is well established for the economic relevant ornamental crop Cyclamen and thus could supplement the elaborate propagation via seeds. However, the use of somatic embryogenesis for commercial large scale propagation is still limited due to physiological disorders and asynchronous development within emerged embryos. To overcome these(More)
Protein separation by two-dimensional gel electrophoresis is of central importance for proteomics. Upon combination with systematic protein identifications by mass spectrometry, large data sets are routinely generated in several proteome laboratories which can be used as "reference maps" for future analyses of analogous biochemical fractions. Here we(More)
The endosperm plays an important role for the development of zygotic embryos, while somatic embryos lack a seed coat and endosperm and often show physiological disorders. This study aims at elucidating the cellular and physiological processes within the endosperm of the ornamental species Cyclamen persicum Mill. Histological analyses were performed from 0(More)
Two-dimensional difference gel electrophoresis is an invaluable technique for the analysis of plant proteomes. However, preparation of protein fractions from plant tissues is challenging due to the special features of plant cells: a robust cell wall, large vacuoles which often contain high concentrations of organic acids and a broad range of secondary(More)
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