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Time matters: shifting seasonal migration in Northern Ghana in response to rainfall variability and food insecurity
This article examines the interrelationships between rainfall variability, livelihood/food security and migration in rural Savannah communities in Northern Ghana. It addresses the question of howExpand
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Human mobility in response to rainfall variability: opportunities for migration as a successful adaptation strategy in eight case studies
This article analyses the dynamics between rainfall variability, food insecurity and human mobility in eight case studies, namely Ghana, Tanzania, Guatemala, Peru, Bangladesh, India, Thailand andExpand
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Rainfall variability, food security and human mobility
This publication is a research protocol and field guide, developed for the Where the Rain Falls research project. The project aims to improve the understanding about how rainfall variability affectsExpand
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Beyond Adaptation? The Changing Nature of Seasonal Migration in Northern Ghana in the Context of Climate Change, Agricultural Decline and Food Insecurity
In the debate on the relationship between human migration and environmental degradation and climate change, migration is more and more understood as an adaptation strategy. Moreover, when migrationExpand
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Rainfall, food security, and human mobility: case study Ghana
The scientific findings show that migration takes place to improve livelihood and access to food. Important triggers of household migration are crop production decline, rainy season shifts,Expand
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Drought, migration, and conflict in sub-Saharan Africa: what are the links and policy options?
Abstract Droughts are becoming more frequent and severe due to ongoing global climatic changes, contributing to the loss of farmland, declining crop yields, and loss of livestock in especially aridExpand
Shifting Rainfalls, Shifting Livelihoods: Seasonal Migration, Food Security and Social Inequality in Northern Ghana
This chapter examines the interrelationship between rainfall variability, migration, and social inequality in a savannah district of Northern Ghana affected by environmental change. The analysisExpand
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The making of the social order – migration, resource and power conflicts in the Moroccan Drâa Valley
This paper explores the complex interrelations between migration, power contestations and the making of social order using a case study example in the middle Drâa Valley of Morocco. Conflicts betweenExpand
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