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Reliability of Surface Electromyography During Maximal Voluntary Isometric Contractions, Jump Landings, and Cutting
Fauth, ML, Petushek, EJ, Feldmann, CR, Hsu, BE, Garceau, LR, Lutsch, BN, and Ebben, WP. Reliability of surface electromyography during maximal voluntary isometric contractions, jump landings, andExpand
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Gender-Based Analysis of Hamstring and Quadriceps Muscle Activation During Jump Landings and Cutting
Ebben, WP, Fauth, ML, Petushek, EJ, Garceau, LR, Hsu, BE, Lutsch, BN, and Feldmann, CR. Gender-based analysis of hamstring and quadriceps muscle activation during jump landings and cutting. JExpand
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Strength and Conditioning Practices of United States High School Strength and Conditioning Coaches
Duehring, MD, Feldmann, CR, and Ebben, WP. Strength and conditioning practices of United States high school strength and conditioning coaches. J Strength Cond Res 23(8): 2188-2203, 2009-This studyExpand
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Using Squat Testing to Predict Training Loads for the Deadlift, Lunge, Step-Up, and Leg Extension Exercises
Ebben, WP, Feldmann, CR, Dayne, A, Mitsche, D, Chmielewski, LM, Alexander, P, and Knetgzer, KJ. Using squat testing to predict training loads for the deadlift, lunge, step-up, and leg extensionExpand
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Periodized Plyometric Training is Effective for Women, and Performance is Not Influenced by the Length of Post-Training Recovery
Ebben, WP, Feldmann, CR, VanderZanden, TL, Fauth, ML, and Petushek, EJ. Periodized plyometric training is effective for women, and performance is not influenced by the length of post-trainingExpand
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Association of Drop Vertical Jump Displacement with Select Performance Variables
Abstract Feldmann, CR, Weiss, LW, Schilling, BK, and Whitehead, PN. Association of drop vertical jump displacement with select performance variables. J Strength Cond Res 26(5): 1215–1225, 2012—DropExpand
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Dynamic Stabilization During the Landing Phase of Plyometric Exercises
This study examined the differences in and the reliability of time to stabilization (TTS) of several plyometric exercises. Twenty six men performed a variety of plyometric exercises representing aExpand
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Kinetic Quantification of Plyometric Take Off, Flight, and Landing Characteristics
This study assessed the kinetic characteristics of a variety of plyometric exercises and assessed gender differences therein. Twenty-six men and 23 women performed a variety of plyometric exercisesExpand
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