Christina R Johnson

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Brangus cows (n = 29) were used in three experiments to evaluate the effects of parity (multiparous vs. primiparous) and potential genetic merit for milk production (high vs. low) on forage intake during late gestation, early lactation, and late lactation. Cows were selected for milk production based on their sire's EPD for milk production (MEPD). Cows had(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the disciplinary preferences of mothers of profoundly deaf children and normally hearing children in a test of the hypothesized link between child disabilities and punitive parenting. METHOD Disciplinary preferences of mothers seeking a cochlear implant for their profoundly deaf child (n=57), mothers not seeking an implant for their(More)
To evaluate the response of three tropical forage species to varying rates of nitrogen (N) fertilization [0, 39, 78, 118, 157 kg of N/(ha x cutting)] and five summer harvests, forage DM mass and nutritive value were evaluated in a randomized complete block design with a split-split plot arrangement of treatments. Plots (n = 60) were established in 1996, and(More)
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