Christina Pescia

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RNA-binding proteins of the L7Ae family are at the heart of many essential ribonucleoproteins (RNPs), including box C/D and H/ACA small nucleolar RNPs, U4 small nuclear RNP, telomerase, and messenger RNPs coding for selenoproteins. In this study, we show that Nufip and its yeast homologue Rsa1 are key components of the machinery that assembles these RNPs.(More)
To better understand intranuclear-targeting mechanisms, we have studied the transport of U3 snoRNA in human cells. Surprisingly, we found that PHAX, the snRNA export adaptor, is highly enriched in complexes containing m7G-capped U3 precursors. In contrast, the export receptor CRM1 is predominantly bound to TMG-capped U3 species. In agreement, PHAX does not(More)
Retroviruses use endosomal machinery to bud out of infected cells, and various Gag proteins recruit this machinery by interacting with either of three cellular factors as follows: ubiquitin ligases of the Nedd4 family, Tsg101, or Alix/Aip1. Here we show that the murine leukemia virus Gag has the unique ability to interact with all three factors. Small(More)
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