Christina Neubauer

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Induction of zeaxanthin formation and the associated nonphotochemical quenching in iodoacetamide-treated, non-CO(2)-fixing intact chloroplasts of Lactuca sativa L. cv Romaine is reported. The electron transport needed to generate the required DeltapH for zeaxanthin formation and nonphotochemical quenching are ascribed to the Mehler-ascorbate peroxidase(More)
Group B streptococcus is one of the most important pathogens in neonates, and causes invasive infections in non-pregnant adults with underlying diseases. Applying a genomic approach that relies on human antibodies we identified antigenic GBS proteins, among them most of the previously published protective antigens. In vitro analyses allowed the selection of(More)
Group B streptococcus remains an important neonatal pathogen in spite of widely adopted intrapartum antibiotic administration; therefore immune prophylaxis for GBS infections is highly warranted. In passive immunization and lethal challenge studies with multiple GBS strains, we characterized the protective effect of rabbit polyclonal and murine monoclonal(More)
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