Christina Moreno

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This paper proposes a complete framework for remote rendering of 3D and complex 2D applications. The retained approach is based on standardized video encoding and interactivity streaming methods and was developed within the framework of the Kusanagi project. The complete architecture of the gaming platform is described and especially we have developed an(More)
BACKGROUND Data on age of blood and its impact on donor exposure and inventory in the paediatric setting are lacking. The standard of practice of reserving a specific red blood cell (RBC) unit for neonates who may require repeat transfusions is unique to the paediatric setting. Requiring transfusion of fresher RBC units may increase the exposure of neonates(More)
This paper proposes a low computational method to perform ROI (Region Of Interest) based video encoding and adaptive streaming for remote rendering applications. The main objective of the proposed solution is to minimize the latency in the interactive loop even when facing poor transmission conditions. In order to do that, the knowledge of the depth map(More)
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