Christina M. Hoffmann

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Evidence is mounting that potentially exploitable properties of technologically and chemically interesting crystalline materials are often attributable to local structure effects, which can be observed as modulated diffuse scattering (mDS) next to Bragg diffraction (BD). BD forms a regular sparse grid of intense discrete points in reciprocal space.(More)
In situ synchrotron X-ray diffuse scattering and inelastic neutron scattering measurements from a prototype ABO3 ferroelectric single-crystal are used to elucidate how electric fields along a nonpolar direction can enhance its piezoelectric properties. The central mechanism is found to be a nanoscale ordering of B atom displacements, which induces increased(More)
Hydrogenase enzymes in nature use hydrogen as a fuel, but the heterolytic cleavage of H-H bonds cannot be readily observed in enzymes. Here we show that an iron complex with pendant amines in the diphosphine ligand cleaves hydrogen heterolytically. The product has a strong Fe-H⋅⋅⋅H-N dihydrogen bond. The structure was determined by single-crystal neutron(More)
Proton exchange within the M-H2 moiety of (TPB)Co(H2) (Co-H2; TPB = B(o-C6H4P(i)Pr2)3) by 2-fold rotation about the M-H2 axis is probed through EPR/ENDOR studies and a neutron diffraction crystal structure. This complex is compared with previously studied (SiP(iPr)3)Fe(H2) (Fe-H2) (SiP(iPr)3 = [Si(o-C6H4P(i)Pr2)3]). The g-values for Co-H2 and Fe-H2 show(More)
The reaction of arsenic with sources of light elements in a Ca/Li melt leads to the formation of two new arsenide hydride phases. The predominant phase Ca14As6X7 (X = C(4-), N(3-), H(-)) exhibits a new tetragonal structure type in the space group P4/mbm (a = 15.749(1) Å, c = 9.1062(9) Å, Z = 4, R1 = 0.0150). The minor phase LiCa3As2H also has a new(More)
Rubrene is one of the most studied organic semiconductors to date due to its high charge carrier mobility which makes it a potentially applicable compound in modern electronic devices. Previous electronic device characterizations and first principles theoretical calculations assigned the semiconducting properties of rubrene to the presence of a large(More)
Ln(Cu,Al,Ga)(13-x) (Ln = La-Pr, and Eu; x ~ 0.2) were synthesized by a combined Al/Ga flux. Single crystal X-ray and neutron diffraction experiments revealed that these compounds crystallize in the NaZn(13) structure-type (space group Fm3[overline]c) with lattice parameters of a ~ 12 Å, V ~ 1600 Å, and Z ~ 8. Our final neutron models led us to conclude that(More)
Evidence from seismological and mineralogical studies increasingly indicates that water from the oceans has been transported to the deep earth to form water-bearing dense mantle minerals. Wadsleyite [(Mg, Fe2+)2SiO4] has been identified as one of the most important host minerals incorporating this type of water, which is capable of storing the entire mass(More)
A variable-temperature (VT) crystal structure study of [Fe(TPP)Cl] (TPP(2-) = meso-tetraphenylporphyrinate) and Hirshfeld surface analyses of its structures and previously reported structures of [M(TPP)(NO)] (M = Fe, Co) reveal that intermolecular interactions are a significant factor in structure disorder in the three metalloporphyrins and phase changes in(More)