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OBJECTIVE To analyze the results of hysteroscopic myomectomy in our center and to compare the results to those published in the literature. METHODS We performed a retrospective study of the clinical histories of patients who had undergone hysteroscopic myomectomy with a resectoscope between January 1992 and December 1999. Procedures were performed at a(More)
The purpose of this article is to describe possible reasons for the increase in HIV/AIDS among childbearing Hispanic/Latinas and to discuss the implications for maternal child nurses. The median age of Hispanic/Latinas is 27 years compared to 36 years for all other races combined. Hispanic/Latinas have the highest birth rate among all women in the United(More)
Laparoscopic cholecystectomy Liver transplant Fulminant a b s t r a c t Introduction: Right hepatic artery (RHA) injury after laparoscopic cholecystectomy (LC) may go unnoticed clinically, but can sometimes cause necrosis of the right lobe. Exceptionally, when the necrosis spreads to segment IV, fulminant liver failure (FLF) may occur, and an urgent liver(More)
Minority women experience health disparities, especially related to diabetes. The purpose of this article is to examine diabetes risk in minority women. A survey design was used to recruit 52 African Americans (AA) and 48 Latina women. Participants described their health, health behaviors, and health literacy. Blood pressure and body mass index were(More)
The purpose of this study was to examine Mexican-born women's utilization and adherence to cervical cancer screening guidelines. Ninety-seven women in the southeastern United States participated. Data were collected in Spanish. The majority of women met adherence guidelines for the pap exam. Marital status, educational attainment, marianismo, blood pressure(More)
BACKGROUND In the evolving Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) movement, there continues to be a lack of agreement about the final scholarly project. PURPOSE This study identifies and describes the faculty practices and challenges related to the DNP project across the United States. METHODS In a descriptive research study, 90 DNP program directors(More)
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