Christina M Clarke

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Fifty cats with the syndrome of protruding nictitating membranes and diarrhoea were compared clinically and microbiologically with nine cats with diarrhoea alone and 17 healthy cats. A novel torovirus-like agent was isolated from 11 cats, including seven of the cats with protruding nictitating membranes and diarrhoea.
Cells regulate their volume in response to changes in the osmolarity of both their extracellular and their intracellular environments. We investigated the ability of the human airway epithelial cell line Calu-3 to respond to changes in extracellular osmolarity. Although switching Calu-3 cells from an isosmotic to a hyperosmotic environment resulted in cell(More)
BACKGROUND Rapid scale-up of effective antiretroviral therapy (ART) is required to meet global targets to eliminate new HIV infections and AIDS-related deaths. Yet, gaps persist in all nations striving for these targets. In the intervention setting of British Columbia (BC), Canada, where ART is publicly funded, 73% of HIV-diagnosed were on ART in 2011, and(More)
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