Christina Lock Black

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The problem of using the idle cycles of a number of high performance workstations, interconnected by a high speed network, for solving computationally intensive tasks is discussed. The classes of distributed applications examined require Borne form of synchronization among the sub-tasks, hence the need for co-scheduling to guarantee that sub-tasks start at(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the relation of Primary Care Residency Training to career choice, board certification, and practice location of internists and pediatricians. DESIGN Cohort study with up to 8 years of follow-up. SETTING The United States. PARTICIPANTS The 17,933 residents trained in all internal medicine (13,750) and pediatrics (4,183) residency(More)
This review summarises the evidence for inequalities in community and consumer nutrition environments from ten previous review articles, and also assesses the evidence for the effect of the community and consumer nutrition environments on dietary intake. There is evidence for inequalities in food access in the US but trends are less apparent in other(More)
A total of 148 health and social care practitioners were trained in skills to support behaviour change: creating opportunities to discuss health behaviours, using open discovery questions, listening, reflecting and goal-setting. At three time points post-training, use of the skills was evaluated and compared with use of skills by untrained practitioners.(More)
The Southampton Initiative for Health is a training intervention with Sure Start Children's Centre staff designed to improve the diets and physical activity levels of women of childbearing age. Training aims to help staff to support women in making changes to their lifestyles by improving three skills: reflection on current practice; asking 'open discovery'(More)
Effective communication is necessary for good relationships between healthcare practitioners and clients. This study examined barriers and facilitators to implementing new communication skills. One hundred and ten Sure Start Children's Centre staff attended one of 13 follow-up workshops in Southampton, UK between May 2009 and February 2011 to reflect on the(More)
OBJECTIVES The UK government's response to the obesity epidemic calls for action in communities to improve people's health behaviour. This study evaluated the effects of a community intervention on dietary quality and levels of physical activity of women from disadvantaged backgrounds. DESIGN Non-randomised controlled evaluation of a complex public health(More)
BACKGROUND The consumer nutrition environment has been conceptualised as in-store environmental factors that influence food shopping habits. More healthful in-store environments could be characterised as those which promote healthful food choices such as selling good quality healthy foods or placing them in prominent locations to prompt purchasing. Research(More)
This study addresses a gap in the food environment literature by investigating spatial differences in the inter relationship of price, variety and quality of food in southern England. We conducted a survey of all grocery stores (n=195) in the city of Southampton, UK, and ranked neighbourhoods according to national quintiles of deprivation. We found no(More)
OBJECTIVE (i) To assess change in confidence in having conversations that support parents with healthy eating and physical activity post-training. (ii) To assess change in staff competence in using 'open discovery' questions (those generally beginning with 'how' and 'what' that help individuals reflect and identify barriers and solutions) post-training.(More)