Christina Linder

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE We investigated the results of using stereotactic radiotherapy (SRT) for 58 patients with renal cell carcinomas (RCC) who were evaluated restrospectively for response rates, local control rates and side effects. PATIENTS AND METHODS From October 1997 to January 2003, 50 patients suffering from metastatic RCC and eight patients with(More)
Apart from their established use in the treatment of hypertension and heart failure, ACE inhibitors have been suggested to exert anti-ischemic effects. This article reviews the mechanisms of systemic and intracardiac angiotensin formation, as well as its interaction with the bradykinin, the prostaglandin, and the sympathetic nervous system. While high doses(More)
Recent reports have suggested that focal hyperechoic abdominal masses detected during the second trimester may represent a normal variation in fetal intestinal development that is transient in nature and not associated with pathologic conditions. The patient described here had second-trimester ultrasonic findings of fetal meconium peritonitis without(More)
OBJECTIVE Current studies have proven that early, organ-confined stages of prostate cancer can be diagnosed through screening based on PSA levels, thus reducing cancer mortality. Here we report about our experience using an innovative one-step test for PSA in capillary blood. METHODS The incubation time for a 50 microl blood sample with the indicator(More)
In order to increase the acceptance rate of early detection testing for prostate cancer, a qualitative prostate-specific antigen (PSA) one-step test has been developed. Determining the PSA level with this test system takes 10 min. The blood samples of 190 men were tested in this qualitative assay, which uses 50 microl of EDTA whole blood and in which the(More)
This paper describes a double-loop servo-controlled pump system for the constant-pressure perfusion of a coronary artery. Due to the transient nature of changes in coronary vasomotor tone, such a perfusion system must have a fast regulatory response. In the first stage, a servo-controlled pump primes a windkessel having a volume of 35 ml with blood. The(More)
The present study tested (1) whether xamoterol recruits an inotropic reserve in reperfused myocardium and (2) whether acute inotropic stimulation by xamoterol has deleterious consequences on the long-term recovery of the reperfused myocardium. Sixteen anaesthetized, open-chest dogs were bilaterally vagotomized and heart rate kept constant by left atrial(More)
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