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Effects of Rosuvastatin With or Without Ezetimibe on Clinical Outcomes in Patients Undergoing Elective Vascular Surgery
Objective: Cardiovascular complications represent a major cause of morbidity and mortality in patients undergoing vascular surgery. This was a prospective randomized, open-label study to investigateExpand
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Analysis of the composition of plasma lipoproteins in patients with extensive coronary heart disease using 1H NMR spectroscopy.
INTRODUCTION Alterations in the lipid composition and overall structure of plasma lipoproteins have been correlated with pathological situations such as dyslipidaemia, coronary heart disease (CHD),Expand
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Plasma Lipoproteins and Triacylglycerol are Predictors of Small, Dense LDL Particles
Recently published data suggest that the assessment of LDL subfraction profiles may contribute to the determination of the cardiovascular risk. In this study, we tested the ability of variousExpand
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Comparison of predictive equations for resting metabolic rate in obese psychiatric patients taking olanzapine.
OBJECTIVE The prediction of resting metabolic rate (RMR) is important to determine the energy expenditure of obese patients with severe mental illnesses (SMIs). However, there is lack of researchExpand
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Plasma triglyceride levels and body mass index values are the most important determinants of prebeta-1 HDL concentrations in patients with various types of primary dyslipidemia.
OBJECTIVE Experimental studies have shown that the prebeta-1 subclass of high-density lipoprotein particles (prebeta-1 HDL) may play an important role in the reverse cholesterol transport pathway asExpand
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Serum antioxidant capacity, biochemical profile and body composition of breast cancer survivors in a randomized Mediterranean dietary intervention study
PurposeIncreasing evidence suggests that Mediterranean Diet (MD) is correlated with reduced risk of breast cancer (BC) and cancer mortality, since it modifies patients’ serum antioxidant capacity,Expand
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Analysis of 6-month effect of orlistat administration, alone or in combination with fenofibrate, on triglyceride-rich lipoprotein metabolism in overweight and obese patients with metabolic syndrome.
BACKGROUND Orlistat significantly reduced serum triglycerides (TG) in most clinical trials. Orlistat-induced TG reduction has not been studied to determine the factors contributing to TG alterationsExpand
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The Effects of Ezetimibe and/or Orlistat on Triglyceride-Rich Lipoprotein Metabolism in Obese Hypercholesterolemic Patients
We investigated the factors influencing triglycerides (TG) reduction during ezetimibe, alone or combined with orlistat, administration. Eighty-six obese hypercholesterolemic subjects were prescribedExpand
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NMR-based lipidomic analysis of blood lipoproteins differentiates the progression of coronary heart disease.
Abnormal lipid composition and metabolism of plasma lipoproteins play a crucial role in the pathogenesis of coronary heart disease (CHD). A (1)H NMR-based lipidomic approach was used to investigateExpand
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Effects of nutritional intervention on body weight and body composition of obese psychiatric patients taking olanzapine.
OBJECTIVE Weight gain is an established side effect of atypical antipsychotics in patients with severe mental illness (SMI). Previous studies have shown positive effects of nutritional interventionsExpand
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