Christina Kober

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A study of predictive factors for locoregional recurrences after curative surgery for breast cancer was undertaken. Specifically, the authors wished to determine whether such recurrences correlated with either hormonal receptor status or a delay between the initial biopsy and the definitive surgery. A retrospective chart review was done on all women with(More)
A major challenge in cancer genetics is to determine which low-frequency somatic mutations are drivers of tumorigenesis. Here we interrogate the genomes of 7,651 diverse human cancers and find inactivating mutations in the homeodomain transcription factor gene CUX1 (cut-like homeobox 1) in ~1-5% of various tumors. Meta-analysis of CUX1 mutational status in(More)
A case history was presented of a 49-year-old female patient, who had developed paranoid-hallucinatory schizophrenia for the first time and suffered from an acute functional bladder obstruction while receiving haloperidol. Thorough urological examination showed no pathologic findings except for a medium-grade urinary tract infection. No beneficial effects(More)
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