Christina Kelly

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In Xenopus, Wnt signals and their transcriptional effector beta-catenin are required for the development of dorsal axial structures. In zebrafish, previous loss-of-function studies have not identified an essential role for beta-catenin in dorsal axis formation, but the maternal-effect mutation ichabod disrupts beta-catenin accumulation in dorsal nuclei and(More)
Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF, VEGF-A), a selective mitogen for endothelial cells is a critical factor for vascular development. Two isoforms that differ in the presence of exons 6 and 7, Vegf(165) and Vegf(121), are the dominant forms expressed in zebrafish embryo. Simultaneous overexpression of both isoforms in the embryo results in increased(More)
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