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BACKGROUND Rheumatic symptoms were commonly described among soldiers who served in previous wars. OBJECTIVE To describe the frequency of rheumatology consultations, along with the diagnoses, and abnormal results on serologic testing in Gulf War veterans evaluated for Gulf War syndrome. METHODS The medical records of the first 250 consecutive Gulf War(More)
Several factors associated with bacterial biofilms were studied for their role in phenotypic resistance to antibiotics. These factors included bacterial slime extracted from biofilms, reduced growth rates of biofilm-embedded bacteria and high bacterial inocula. Antibiotic activity against suspended bacteria in the presence of these factors, either alone or(More)
We report on a measles outbreak originating in an anthroposophic community in Austria, 2008. A total of 394 (94.9%) cases fulfilled the outbreak case definition including 168 cases affiliated to the anthroposophic community. The source case was a school pupil from Switzerland. The Austrian outbreak strain was genotype D5, indistinguishable from the Swiss(More)
During once-daily dosing regimens of aminoglycosides, administration of large single doses results in high peak levels and low 24-h trough levels. However, commercial assays for monitoring aminoglycoside levels are designed to cover the smaller range of serum concentrations usually observed during multiple daily dosing regimens. The study assessed (a) the(More)
Little is known about how many bacteria are present at an infectious focus at the onset of antibiotic therapy. The number of cfu was determined in pus and infected peritoneal fluids obtained from 41 patients. Pathogens were detected in 71% of specimens. There were high concentrations of bacteria in culture-positive samples, in both soft-tissue and(More)
The Gram-positive actinobacterium Rhodococcus opacus 1CP is able to utilize several (chloro)aromatic compounds as sole carbon sources, and gene clusters for various catabolic enzymes and pathways have previously been identified. Pulsed-field gel electrophoresis indicates the occurrence of a 740 kb megaplasmid, designated p1CP. Linear topology and the(More)
Sterilization of degradable implants by standard procedures may damage the parts due to the labile chemical nature of the polymers. This study examined whether the injection molding process used for the production of polymeric parts may itself sterilize the implant due to high temperature, pressure, and shear forces applied. Poly-D,L-lactic acid (PDLLA) and(More)
Since standard susceptibility tests reflect the physiological rather than the pathological conditions prevailing within an infected abdomen, as recently documented, the effect of reduced pH and pO2 and increased pCO2 on the activity of antibiotics in vitro was studied. MICs were determined in vitro under standard culture conditions (MICstandard) and(More)
Since their introduction one or more decades ago, aminoglycosides have generally been administered in multiple daily (i.e. twice- or thrice-daily) dosing regimens. However, nephrotoxicity can be reduced in animal models by administering the same total daily dose as one large dose instead of as multiple small doses. In addition, in vitro and in vivo studies(More)
A once-daily dosing regimen for aminoglycosides is less expensive, at least as effective and possibly less toxic than multiple-daily dosing regimens. Once-daily dosing might also allow the frequency of measuring the serum concentrations of these antibiotics to be reduced since two of the major objectives of monitoring, high peak and low trough(More)