Christina J. Witsberger

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Two alternative methods to Medicare Cost Reports that provide information about hospital costs more promptly but less accurately are investigated. Both employ utilization data from current-year bills. The first attaches costs to utilization data using cost-charge ratios from the previous year's cost report; the second uses charges from current year's bills.(More)
Hospital length of stay (LOS) declined steadily during the 1970s, then rapidly during the early years of the Medicare prospective payment system (PPS). In this article, the authors examine trends in hospital LOS for Medicare patients from 1979 through 1987 for all cases combined, for medical and surgical cases separately, and for different geographic(More)
Employment of geriatric nurse practitioners (GNPs) is one strategy to improve nursing home care. The effects of GNPs on costs and profitability of nursing homes and on costs of patient medical service use outside the nursing home are examined. Employment of GNPs does not adversely affect nursing home costs or significantly affect profits. There is some(More)
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