Christina Hoppermann

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Creating and maintaining metadata for various kinds of resources requires appropriate tools to assist the user. The paper presents the metadata editor ProFormA for the creation and editing of CMDI (Component Metadata Infrastructure) metadata in web forms. This editor supports a number of CMDI profiles currently being provided for different types of(More)
This paper presents the system architecture as well as the underlying workflow of the Extensible Repository System of Digital Objects (ERDO) which has been developed for the sustainable archiving of language resources within the Tübingen CLARIN-D project. In contrast to other approaches focusing on archiving experts, the described workflow can be used by(More)
The content description of various kinds of research data using metadata requires other than bibliographical data fields that are alone not sufficient for this purpose. To properly account for research data, other metadata fields are required, often specific to a given research data set. Consequently, metadata profiles adapted to different types of(More)
This paper presents a language-independent annotation scheme for the semantic relations that link the constituents of noun-noun compounds, such as Schneemann ‘snow man’ or Milchmann ‘milk man’. The annotation scheme is hybrid in the sense that it assigns each compound a two-place label consisting of a semantic property and a prepositional paraphrase. The(More)
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