Christina Grassi

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This study investigated the effects of habitat on the diet, population density, and social structure of a small-bodied folivore, Hapalemur griseus. Three groups of H. griseus were followed at two study sites (Tala and Vato) within Ranomafana National Park in southeastern Madagascar. These two sites differed in degree of habitat disturbance, forest(More)
It was reported over 65 years ago that chimpanzees, like humans, vary in taste sensitivity to the bitter compound phenylthiocarbamide (PTC). This was suggested to be the result of a shared balanced polymorphism, defining the first, and now classic, example of the effects of balancing selection in great apes. In humans, variable PTC sensitivity is largely(More)
Although some conservationists accept that not all species can be saved, we illustrate the difficulty in deciding which species are dispensable. In this article, we examine the possibility that the integrity of a forest relies on its entire faunal assemblage. In Madagascar, one faunal group, the lemurs, accounts for the greatest biomass and species richness(More)
I investigated sex differences in feeding ecology in a wild group of Hapalemur griseus, gray bamboo lemur, in southeastern Madagascar. Males and females differed in daily dietary diversity, height use while feeding, and spatial position within the group. Based on all-occurrences of feeding bouts and 15-min point samples, the adult female had significantly(More)
A. Bracco, G. Benzoni, S. Leoni, N. Blasi, F. Camera, C. Grassi, B. Million, A.Paleni, M. Pignanelli, E. Vigezzi, O. Wieland, M.Matsuo, T. Døssing, B. Herskind, G.B. Hagemann,J. Wilson, A. Maj, M. Kmiecik, G. Lo Bianco, C. M. Petrache, M. Castoldi , A. Zucchiati , G. DeAngelis, D. Napoli, D.Curien, P.Bednarczyk Dipartimento di Fisica and INFN Sez. Milano,(More)
The gamma decay in the quasicontinuum from selected configurations of the rotational nucleus 163Er has been measured with the EUROBALL array. A new analysis technique has allowed for the first time to directly measure the compound and rotational damping widths Gamma (micro) and Gamma (rot). Values of Gamma (micro) approximately 20 keV and Gamma (rot)(More)
Radon concentrations in ambient air from numerous schools, stores and other public and commercial buildings in the Pittsburgh, PA, area were measured by grab sampling. This is more appropriate than using long-term integrating monitors because of the correlation between times of occupancy and Rn levels. Results indicate that Rn concentrations in these(More)
Hydroxylamine-induced cleavage at the asparaginyl-glycine dipeptide site inserted between the two moieties of recombinant fusion proteins has been used at both the analytical and the preparative scale to obtain the mature protein. In this study a model protein containing a fusion precursor of insulin-like growth factor I was used to investigate the(More)