Christina G Rodriguez

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Taking into account the increasingly stringent legislation on emissions from marine engines, this work aims to analyze several internal engine modifications to reduce NOx (nitrogen oxides) and other pollutants. To this end, a numerical model was employed to simulate the operation cycle and characterize the exhaust gas composition. After a preliminary(More)
In a previous paper1 the author and co-workers reported an unexpected numerical behavior in the simulation of dual-mode scramjet combustors. Under conditions of perfect symmetry in geometry, grid and boundary conditions, computational fluid dynamic (CFD) calculations showed an asymmetric response when a shock-train/separated-flow system was present in the(More)
We report an effective strategy for the synthesis of semi-crystalline block copolyethers with well-defined architecture and stereochemistry. As an exemplary system, triblock copolymers containing either atactic (racemic) or isotactic (R or S) poly(propylene oxide) end blocks with a central poly(ethylene oxide) mid-block were prepared by anionic ring-opening(More)
In the present work, the design and testing of two propulsion mechanisms which emulate fi sh swimming are presented. The motivation comes from the high effi ciency and maneuverality that fi sh demonstrate over conventional rotary propellers. In order to know the fl uid fl ow pattern in detail, a 3D CFD model was developed. Details of the velocity and(More)
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