Christina G Baxter

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Each of two dogs presented for multiple skin biopsies were sedated with intravenous medetomidine and lignocaine was injected subcutaneously to provide local anaesthesia for skin biopsy. One dog had a seizure during skin biopsy and again immediately following reversal of medetomidine with atipamezole. The other dog developed seizures 2 h following skin(More)
A young adult Boxer dog was presented with a papular dermatitis on the dorsal back and ventral neck that had developed while it was being treated with cyclosporine and cephalexin for atopic dermatitis and secondary superficial staphylococcal pyoderma, respectively. Histopathology demonstrated nodular to diffuse pyogranulomatous dermatitis with focal(More)
Forty-one normal horses were evaluated for reactivity to intradermally injected aqueous allergens to determine allergen threshold concentrations (TC), with potential relevance to equine intradermal testing (IDT). Horses were tested three times over 1 year to assess seasonal variation in reactivity, using three to five serial dilutions of 27 allergens each(More)
Infestations of larval and nymphal Ixodes spp. were identified in 16 dogs and 16 cats from several small animal clinics in Sydney. Cases occurred in late summer or autumn, peaking in February, and were seasonally recurrent in some individuals. Clinical signs of infestation included a papular dermatitis and irritation or pruritus that ranged from severe to(More)
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