Christina Elizabeth Johnson

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An innovative sampling method was used to compare normal-weight bulimic patients to normal controls on four dimensions: (1) overall moods, (2) extent of mood fluctuating, (3) degree of social isolation, and (4) extent of food-related behavior. In addition, a sequence analysis was conducted to explore the impact of binging and purging episodes on various(More)
BACKGROUND The role of adjuvant radiation therapy following resection of malignant melanoma involving regional lymph nodes remains controversial. There is no published randomized trial comparing surgery alone to surgery with postoperative radiation therapy that shows a benefit in terms of local control. Some retrospective studies, however, suggest that(More)
Peak expiratory flow (PEF) and plasma concentrations of platelet factor 4 and beta thromboglobulin were measured before and after exercise in nine asthmatic patients and 12 non-asthmatic volunteers. Exercise was preceded by administration in random order of either placebo, salbutamol 200 micrograms, or sodium cromoglycate 2 mg from a pressurised inhaler. In(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the incidence of major hemorrhage and stroke in people aged 76 and older with atrial fibrillation on adjusted-dose warfarin who had been recently been admitted to hospital. DESIGN A retrospective observational cohort study. SETTING A major healthcare network involving four tertiary hospitals. PARTICIPANTS Two hundred(More)
This research suggests that daily solitude has a central role in bulimia. A sample of 15 bulimic patients and 24 normal controls carried electronic pagers for one week and filled out self-reports on their experience in response to randomly timed signals. The bulimics reported the lowest mood states when alone at home, the context in which their symptomatic(More)
The purpose of this investigation was to compare continuous versus intermittent nebulization of a beta 2-agonist, terbutaline, to determine whether differences exist in plasma concentrations or adverse cardiovascular effects of the drug with these two techniques for its administration. Sixteen children 6 to 16 yr of age, admitted for acute asthma, were(More)
Aching chest discomfort, breathlessness, and malaise are the common complaints in mesothelioma.' 2 Occasionally the tumour is discovered on a chest radiograph before symptoms become manifest and, rarely, rapid accumulation of pleural fluids leads to an emergency admission with acute breathlessness.' In two series dysphagia has been reported as a rare(More)