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BORC, a multisubunit complex that regulates lysosome positioning.
The positioning of lysosomes within the cytoplasm is emerging as a critical determinant of many lysosomal functions. Here we report the identification of a multisubunit complex named BORC thatExpand
Arf1p, Chs5p and the ChAPs are required for export of specialized cargo from the Golgi
In Saccharomyces cerevisiae, the synthesis of chitin is temporally and spatially regulated through the transport of Chs3p (chitin synthase III) to the plasma membrane in the bud neck region. TrafficExpand
EARP, a multisubunit tethering complex involved in endocytic recycling
Recycling of endocytic receptors to the cell surface involves passage through a series of membrane-bound compartments by mechanisms that are poorly understood. In particular, it is unknown ifExpand
The Gcs1 Arf-GAP mediates Snc1,2 v-SNARE retrieval to the Golgi in yeast.
Gcs1 is an Arf GTPase-activating protein (Arf-GAP) that mediates Golgi-ER and post-Golgi vesicle transport in yeast. Here we show that the Snc1,2 v-SNAREs, which mediate endocytosis and exocytosis,Expand
Assembly and Architecture of Biogenesis of Lysosome-related Organelles Complex-1 (BLOC-1)*
Background: The BLOC-1 complex is critical for biogenesis of lysosome-related organelles. Results: BLOC-1 is elongated, bends by up to 45º, and contains two heterotrimeric subcomplexes. Conclusion:Expand
Ang2/Fat-Free Is a Conserved Subunit of the Golgi-associated Retrograde Protein Complex
The protein Ang2 is shown to be a conserved component of the Golgi-associated Retrograde Protein (GARP) complex in higher eukaryotes. Ang2 participates in retrograde transport from endosomes to theExpand
The GAP Domain and the SNARE, Coatomer and Cargo Interaction Region of the ArfGAP2/3 Glo3 are Sufficient for Glo3 Function
The ArfGAP Glo3 is required for coat protein I vesicle generation in the Golgi–endoplasmic reticulum (ER) shuttle. The best‐understood role of Glo3 is the stimulation of the GTPase activity of Arf1.Expand
TSSC1 is novel component of the endosomal retrieval machinery
A previously uncharacterized WD40 domain–containing protein named TSSC1 is shown to interact with the GARP and EARP tethering complexes, promoting retrograde transport of Shiga toxin from endosomesExpand
Fully Blind Peptide-Protein Docking with pepATTRACT.
We present a new fully blind flexible peptide-protein docking protocol, pepATTRACT, which combines a rapid coarse-grained global peptide docking search of the entire protein surface with a two-stage atomistic flexible refinement. Expand
Adaptor protein 2–mediated endocytosis of the β-secretase BACE1 is dispensable for amyloid precursor protein processing
An adaptor protein complex, AP-2, is involved in the endocytosis of β-secretase (BACE1) via the clathrin-dependent machinery. Endosomal targeting of either the amyloid precursor protein (APP) and/orExpand