Christina Ding

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BACKGROUND The objective of this study was to determine whether follicles grown within human ovarian cortical strip culture for 6 days in serum-free medium could be isolated at the secondary stage of pre-antral development and grown in vitro to the late pre-antral/early antral stage during a 4 day culture period. METHODS Ovarian cortical biopsies were(More)
Epithelial-myoepithelial carcinoma is an uncommon, low-grade, malignant epithelial neoplasm composed of variable proportions of ductular cells and large, clear staining, myoepithelial cells arranged around the periphery of the ducts. About 120 cases have been reported in the world literature, most of which were located in salivary glands, except for a few(More)
AIM To examine the effects of microinjection of melatonin and its receptor antagonists into the anterior hypothalamic area (AHA) on blood pressure (BP) and heart rate (HR) in normotensive and stress-induced hypertensive rats. METHODS Melatonin and its receptor antagonists were microinjected into the AHA, then BP, mean arterial pressure (MAP), and HR were(More)
AIMS To estimate the efficacy of specific egg yolk immunoglobulin (IgY) for the treatment of lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced endotoxemia using a mouse model. METHODS AND RESULTS Specific IgY was obtained from the yolk of hens immunized with formaldehyde-killed Escherichia coli O111 and showed a high binding activity to LPS when subjected to an ELISA.(More)
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