Christina DeFilippo Mack

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In this work, the molecular basis of aerobic citrate utilization by the gram-positive bacterium Corynebacterium glutamicum was studied. Genome analysis revealed the presence of two putative citrate transport systems. The permease encoded by citH belongs to the citrate-Mg(2+):H(+)/citrate-Ca(2+):H(+) symporter family, whereas the permease encoded by the(More)
Expanding access to antiretroviral therapy (ART) has both individual health benefits and potential to decrease HIV incidence. Ensuring access to HIV services is a significant human rights issue and successful programmes require adequate human rights protections and community support. However, the cost of specific human rights and community support(More)
BACKGROUND Channeling occurs when a medication and its potential comparators are selectively prescribed based on differences in underlying patient characteristics. Drug safety advisories can provide new information regarding the relative safety or effectiveness of a drug product which might increase selective prescribing. In particular, when reported(More)
The present study suggests a method with which to assess the interrelations between different types of pretend play. In contrast to standard methods in this area, the various types of pretend play were measured within an interactive play scenario. The pretend play tasks were included in a semi-structured play sequence and presented to young children between(More)
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