Christina Dörge

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" Key competencies " , "key skills" and " key qualifications " are buzz-words so prominently featured in contemporary scientific treatises that discussions have been prompted about an inflationary use of the terms and what they really should be taken to mean. A similar situation exists in the field of ICT and CS education: What meaning should we ascribe to(More)
Emphasis and focussing techniques are designed to consider the importance of objects within the rendering process. Such techniques are essential in medical education and therapy planning systems. Non-photorealistic rendering techniques, such as silhouette lines, are essential in this context as they convey the shape of objects without occluding large areas.(More)
For classes in informatics 1 it gets more and more important to develop a sustainable curriculum because computer technology and its related items are subject to frequent changes. This leads to the problem that the content of informatics courses suffers from fast decay time. And to make things worse: What we are teaching our pupils and students is far from(More)
In Form vielfältiger digitalerA rtefakte nimmtI nformationstechnologie eine starke Bedeutung im Lebenund im Lebenswegdes Einzelnenein.Das Erwer-benund Messen informatischer Kompetenzen muss diese Vielfaltberücksichtigen. Im Sinne vonI T-Schlüsselkompetenzen gilt es, transferierbare Kompetenzen zu vermitteln, die lebenslanges Lernene rmöglichen.(More)