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The initial appearance and course of 19 patients with mononeuropathy multiplex due to systemic vasculitis were evaluated. Neuropathy first occurred within one year of the onset of systemic vasculitis in all patients and within one year of the onset of rheumatoid arthritis in four of nine patients. Concurrent cutaneous arteritic lesions and elevated ESRs(More)
BACKGROUND People with epilepsy are known to be at increased risk of death by drowning but there are few data available regarding the size of the risk. We aimed to quantify the risk using meta-analysis. METHODS A literature search identified 51 cohorts of people with epilepsy in whom the number of deaths by drowning in people with epilepsy and the number(More)
Acute multifocal posterior placoid pigment epitheliopathy (APMPPE) is an unusual self-limited retinal disorder that has been associated with various systemic complications. To our knowledge, three prior cases associated with cerebral vasculitis have been described. This article describes a patient with APMPPE and angiographically documented cerebral(More)
An estimated 65% of individuals demonstrate multidomain cognitive impairment poststroke, although little is known about the varying role of cognitive risk and protective factors in preischemic, peri-ischemic, and postischemic stroke phases. Longitudinal changes in global cognitive function after ischemic stroke are not well characterized, especially in(More)
A sleep assessment method consisting of a computer-interfaced hand-held microswitch and bedswitch was tested in an A-B case study with a 22-year-old male insomniac. A comprehensive stimulus control package was used as part of the treatment package (Azrin, 1977). Computer-generated and self-report data were collected and compared on sleep onset latency and(More)
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