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The objective of this study was to develop a set of mathematical models for manual lowering, pushing, pulling and carrying activities that would result in establishing load capacity limits to protect the lower back against occupational low-back disorders. In order to establish safe guidelines, a three-stage process was used. First, psychophysical data was(More)
The organization of work has been addressed through numerous perspectives by a diverse set of disciplines. While job stress research has focused on the promotion of worker well-being, contemporary business-improvement initiatives (e.g., lean manufacturing, six sigma) have sought to optimize effectiveness through work processes. However, these two aims,(More)
  • C R Shoaf
  • 1991
The need for assessing noncancer risks for agents to which humans are routinely exposed indoors arises from the large amount of time spent indoors (i.e., employed persons spend about 60% of their time at home indoors, 30% at work indoors, and 5% in transit). Sources of air pollutants include heating and cooling systems, combustion appliances, personal use(More)
In this study, a survey instrument was developed to measure safety climate. A review of the scientific literature as well as consultation with an expert panel was used to determine the survey's dimensions. Next, the survey was administered, first as a pilot study (n = 15) and then as a full scale study (n = 229), to employees of the City of Cincinnati(More)
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