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While several surveys have shown that psychotropic drugs are frequently used by nursing home residents, no studies have been performed to investigate whether the rates of drug use increase during the stay in nursing homes or whether residents have taken these drugs already before admission. Therefore, we investigated 262 residents admitted to rural and(More)
Several studies have shown that psychiatric disorders are common in nursing homes, but information on the course of psychiatric morbidity shortly after admission is still lacking. Therefore, we interviewed 262 residents of Austrian nursing homes within 2 weeks following admission, and a second time after 6 months. Using the Clinical Interview Schedule and(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of the Vocational Rehabilitation Center in Zurich (VRC) is to reintegrate mentally ill persons into the primary labour market, mainly by prevocational training followed by continuous professional support for employed individuals. The present study evaluated the impact of the VRC. METHODS The job and financial situation of 68 trained(More)
OBJECTIVE The media influences public opinion. Although it can provide objective information, it can also create prejudices. For the first time German local newspapers were examined with respect to HOW and HOW OFTEN they use psychiatric terminology. METHOD All newspapers of the East German Altmark were analyzed with respect to their usage of selected(More)
While several surveys have shown that patients in nonpsychiatric hospital departments frequently receive anxiolytics or hypnotics during hospitalization, and also receive discharge prescriptions for these drugs, as yet none has investigated the start of intake of these drugs during hospitalization in conjunction with an assessment of all types of(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of the present study was to investigate the prevalence of psychotropic drug use and the predictors of use during hospitalization. METHOD We investigated 728 patients admitted to medical, gynecological, and surgical wards of two non-university general hospitals in Austria for psychotropic drug use, psychiatric morbidity, and(More)
The authors have repeated, on the average 29.7 years later, Rorschach test in 11 schizophrenic men and 19 schizophrenic women. This work was carried out in the course of a follow-up study of schizophrenics more than 65 years of age. Analysis of the records showed that the only differences between the first and second examinations were increases in animal(More)
A total of 728 patients admitted to the medical, gynaecological and surgical departments of one urban and one rural general hospital in Austria were investigated for psychiatric morbidity. Using the Clinical Interview Schedule and its case criteria, the prevalence of psychiatric morbidity was found to be highest in medical departments (38.2%), followed by(More)
The literature on the biological and phenomenologic presentation of major depressive disorder (MDD) in adolescents is reviewed and compared with that of depressed adults. Biological and psychosocial treatment approaches with adults and adolescents are then contrasted and the applicability of adult interventions to adolescents is examined. Some biological,(More)