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Twenty-four asthmatic subjects in Denver were followed from January through March 1979, a three-month period in which Denver air pollution levels are generally high and variable. Dichotomous, virtual impactor samplers provided daily measurements (micrograms/m3) of inhaled particulate matter (total mass, sulfates, and nitrates) for coarse (2.5--15 micrograms(More)
It is well known that hypoxia, acting mainly through peripheral chemoreceptors, is an important ventilatory stimulus. It is also known that under certain circumstances hypoxia can lead to ventilatory depression, perhaps through its effect on the central nervous system. This study, utilizing dogs, was carried out to determine the degree of hypoxia required(More)
Decreased ventilatory responsiveness to isocapnic hypoxia and increased breath-holding times were measured in a 12-year-old asthmatic boy who had undergone bilateral resection of the carotid bodies. The patient had episodes of cyanosis in which he became disoriented, but he had no subjective feelings of discomfort or dyspnea.
Hypoxic ventilatory responses and 100-msec inspiratory occlusion pressures (P100s) were measured at constant alveolar PCO2 (normocapnia) in 13 asthmatic [12.5 +/- 1.0 (S.E.) years] and in 12 normal children (13.3 +/- 0.6 years) to determine the appropriateness of the asthmatics' minute ventilation and ventilatory (inspiratory) drive, respectively. Most(More)
[reaction: see text] 1-Benzyl-3,4-unsaturated-4-piperidinyl benzyldimethylsilane has been prepared and observed to readily undergo palladium-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions with a variety of aryl iodides and aryl bromides to generate 3,4-unsaturated 4-arylpiperidines, often at ambient temperature.
Periodic checks of peak flow meter (PFM) stability is essential to ensure meaningful application even when the PFMs are only used to measure the relative changes in patient peak flow rate. Calibration of PFMs becomes necessary, however, when peak flow readings are to be interpreted precisely. Techniques and flow systems which offer ease and accuracy in(More)
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