Christie Moffatt

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Burmese red junglefowl (Gallus gallus spadiceus) chicks were reinforced at 5 days old with a mealworm at the end of a runaway in the presence of a maternal food call. Two food calls were used, one made to a highly preferred food item (a mealworm) and one made to a less preferred food item (chick crumbs). Chicks initially approached the food call made to the(More)
BACKGROUND Questions, or what the physicist and learning expert Reginald Revans called "insightful inquiry," are essential to learning. People remember and use what they discover themselves. But many habits and activities in front-line workplaces of patient care have not promoted frank discussions of what we haven't figured out yet about improving care for(More)
This demonstration shows the Profiles in Science® digital library. Profiles in Science contains digitized selections from the personal manuscript collections of prominent biomedical researchers, medical practitioners, and those fostering science and health. The Profiles in Science Web site is the delivery mechanism for content derived from the digital(More)
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