Christie Eastman

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Nebulized antibiotic therapy in cystic fibrosis is an established procedure. The present study was designed to quantitate deposition, and assess its relation to the disease state. Twenty seven children and young adults with cystic fibrosis (mean 11.6 years, range 4-23 years, 12 females) were studied to establish the quantity and pattern of deposition of(More)
BACKGROUND Peri-implantitis is a complex polymicrobial biofilm-induced inflammatory osteolytic gingival infection that results in orofacial implant failures. To the best knowledge of the authors, there are no preclinical in vivo studies in implant dentistry that have investigated the inflammatory response to known microbial biofilms observed in humans. The(More)
Aims: This is an extended case series of patients treated with an Erbium, Chromium: Yttrium Scandium Gallium Garnet (Er,Cr:YSGG) laser as an adjunct to scaling for the management of intrabony defects. Materials & methods: 46 patients with 79 angular intrabony defects associated with pocket depths of >5mm, and a mean age of 53 ± 9 years presenting with(More)
Porphyromonas gingivalis secretes a serine phosphatase enzyme, SerB, upon contact with gingival epithelial cells in vitro. The SerB protein plays a critical role in internalization and survival of the organism in epithelial cells. SerB is also responsible for the inhibition of interleukin-8 (IL-8) secretion from gingival epithelial cells infected with P.(More)
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