Christie Ann Wong

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The binding of [3H]spiroperidol to rat coronal sections in vitro was investigated using two procedures: swabbing studies, in which the tissue sections are wiped from the microscope slides after incubation in the presence of [3H]spiroperidol, and autoradiographic studies, in which the autoradiographic negatives are analyzed using computer-assisted(More)
Angiostatin, a proteolytic cleavage product of plasminogen, acts via a selective, yet poorly understood mechanism to potently inhibit angiogenesis (M. S. O'Reilly et al., Cell, 79: 315-328, 1994). Vascular endothelial cell proliferation assays revealed that angiostatin(4.5), a naturally occurring human isoform consisting of plasminogen kringle domains 1-4(More)
Some of the dioxolanes produce pharmacological effects that have much in common with phencyclidine and phencyclidine-like drugs. Dioxadrol can be resolved into two enantiomers, dexoxadrol and levoxadrol. Dexoxadrol has an affinity for phencyclidine receptors that is much greater than that of levoxadrol, but dexoxadrol and levoxadrol have nearly equal(More)
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