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Current interests in the context of system development include non-functional aspects of an application and the quality of the service (QoS) it provides. In video on demand applications, for instance, properties such as delay, bandwidth and CPU utilization are monitored in order to identify if they are within acceptable limits. In our approach,(More)
Distributed and concurrent application invariably have coordination requirements. The design of those applications, composed by several (possibly distributed) components, has to consider coordination requirements comprising inter-component interaction styles, and intra-component con-currency and synchronization aspects. In our approach coordination aspects(More)
Modular SOS (MSOS) is a framework created to improve the modu-larity of structural operational semantics specifications, a formalism frequently used in the fields of programming languages semantics and process algebras. With the objective of defining formal tools to support the execution and verification of MSOS specifications, we have defined a mapping,(More)
Strategies are a powerful mechanism to control rule application in rule-based systems. For instance, different transition relations can be defined and then combined by means of strategies, giving rise to an effective tool to define the semantics of programming languages. We have endowed the Maude MSOS Tool (MMT), an executable environment for modular(More)