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Prior research has shown that high levels of software reuse can be achieved through the use of object-oriented frameworks. An object-oriented framework captures the common aspects of a family of applications, and thus, allows the designers and implementers to reuse this experience at the design and code levels. Despite of being a powerful design solution,(More)
Distributed and concurrent application invariably have coordination requirements. The design of those applications, composed by several (possibly distributed) components, has to consider coordination requirements comprising inter-component interaction styles, and intra-component con-currency and synchronization aspects. In our approach coordination aspects(More)
Modular SOS (MSOS) is a framework created to improve the modu-larity of structural operational semantics specifications, a formalism frequently used in the fields of programming languages semantics and process algebras. With the objective of defining formal tools to support the execution and verification of MSOS specifications, we have defined a mapping,(More)
SUMMARY Good documentation is essential to the production and evolution of quality software. Based on a survey on program documentation, we propose a documentation architecture that aims to fulfil several requirements of an ideal solution. The architecture integrates a powerful transformation system (Draco-PUC) and a versatile CASE tool (Talisman) in order(More)