Christiane Will

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BACKGROUND Soil bacteria are important drivers for nearly all biogeochemical cycles in terrestrial ecosystems and participate in most nutrient transformations in soil. In contrast to the importance of soil bacteria for ecosystem functioning, we understand little how different management types affect the soil bacterial community composition. (More)
The diversity of bacteria in soil is enormous, and soil bacterial communities can vary greatly in structure. Here, we employed a pyrosequencing-based analysis of the V2-V3 16S rRNA gene region to characterize the overall and horizon-specific (A and B horizons) bacterial community compositions in nine grassland soils, which covered three different land use(More)
Microbial metagenomes derived from soils are rich sources for the discovery of novel genes and biocatalysts. Fourteen environmental plasmid and seven fosmid libraries obtained from 10 German forest soils (A horizons) and six grassland soils (A and B horizons) were screened for genes conferring lipolytic activity. The libraries comprised approximately 29.3(More)
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