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Several lines of evidence suggest that excitatory synaptic transmission contributes to the maturation of precise neuronal connections. In the present study we determined whether the specific innervation pattern of single inhibitory arborizations was dependent upon neuronal activity during development. A homogeneous group of glycinergic inhibitory neurons in(More)
Following Lyons (1990, [4]) we define a periodic tree, restate its branching number and consider a biased random walk on it. In the case of a transient walk, we describe the walk-invariant random periodic tree and calculate the asymptotic rate of escape (speed) of the walk. This is achieved by exploiting the connections between random walks and electric(More)
1. Abstract Given a set of points and their mutual similarities we want to find clusters of similar points and separate distant or dissimilar points. Spectral clustering methods (see [4], [13] for a survey) have in common that they use piecewise (almost) constant eigenvectors of matrices derived from the mutual distances or similarities of the points to be(More)
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