Christiane Stieber

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BACKGROUND The first classification of angioedema without wheals was recently reported and comprises different forms of the disease distinguished by aetiology, mediator of oedema and inheritance. METHODS In total, 1725 consecutive patients with angioedema without wheals were examined at our centre between 1993 and 2012. We excluded from the analysis 667(More)
We provide a systematic review to support the European Palliative Care Research Collaboration development of clinical guidelines for cancer patients suffering from cachexia. CENTRAL, MEDLINE, PsycINFO,, and a selection of cancer journals have been searched up until 15 April 2016. The systematic literature research yielded 4214(More)
Hereditary angio-oedema (HAE) with normal C1 inhibitor is associated with heterozygous mutations in the factor XII gene (FXII-HAE). We report two Brazilian FXII-HAE families segregating the mutation c.983 C>A (p.Thr328Lys). In each family, one patient with a homozygous mutation was found. The homozygous female patient in family 1 displayed a severe(More)
Experiments under varied gravitational accelerations as well as in density-adjusted media showed that sensation of gravity in protists may be linked to the known principles of mechanosensation. Paramecium, a ciliate with clear graviresponses (gravitaxis and gravikinesis) is an ideal model system to prove this hypothesis since the ciliary activity and thus(More)
Paramecium is used as a model system to analyse the gravity signal transduction pathway, that leads to gravitaxis and gravikinesis. In order to prove whether gravistimulation is coupled with second messenger production (cyclic AMP: hyperpolarization, cyclic GMP: depolarization) Paramecium was fixated under variable accelerations (1 x g, 9 x g and 10(-4) x(More)
BACKGROUND Assessment of quality of life is of central importance in palliative care to understand patients' needs and improve their treatment. However, due to the severely compromised state of health of the severely ill or dying patients, the possibility of an adequate assessment with longer questionnaires is limited. OBJECTIVE Investigation of the(More)