Christiane Soika

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It has been previously reported that enprofylline (3-propyl xanthine) prevents histamine-mediated edema formation in the guinea pig lung. To further assess the potential anti-inflammatory effects of enprofylline, we infused it intra-arterially into the canine forelimb before and during a local intra-arterial infusion of histamine (4 micrograms/min) while(More)
Small and medium sized Enterprises (SME) are often in dependence to large-scale enterprises in their role as supplier. Rising international competition increases that pressure to SME's. Hence, it is enormously important for such enterprises to be able to react fast to customer demands but also to keep high quality standards. Therefore CAPP (Computer Aided(More)
Substance P (SP) is one of many vasoactive peptides found within the gastrointestinal tract with actions on intestinal smooth muscle. Thus, its vasodilatory action could be attenuated through its stimulatory effect on intestinal smooth muscle producing subsequent elevations in extravascular pressure and thus, passively opposing the vasodilation. The aim of(More)
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