Christiane Schaepe

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OBJECTIVES To review the current literature on educational interventions used in peritoneal dialysis (PD). Educational interventions have become increasingly relevant because they play a key role in helping individuals to actively participate in their therapy and to manage their chronic condition. The paper will focus on two areas: (a) educational(More)
A microbiological cancer test, previously verified in men and dogs using a clostridium strain (Clostridium butyricum CNRZ 528), was applied to cattle infected with bovine leucosis virus (BLV). An extended period of time was allowed to pass after infection with BLV, which had been checked up through specific serological and virological examinations. The(More)
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES The aim of the study was to explore renal nurses' experiences, strategies and challenges with regard to the patient education process in peritoneal dialysis. BACKGROUND Patient education in peritoneal dialysis is essential to developing a successful home-based peritoneal dialysis program. In this area research is scarce and there is a(More)
BACKGROUND Although home care has advanced over the last few decades, little research on patient safety has been carried out in this setting. Furthermore, it is unclear how patients perceive their situation and safety. The insiders' views might be especially relevant for technology-dependent individuals, such as users of home mechanical ventilation (HMV).(More)
Network activities and publications show a rising interest in nursing care delivery systems like primary nursing. There are aspects in quality and outcomes attributed to primary nursing to answer the changes in health care. To assign outcomes in nursing to different kinds of nursing care delivery systems and for systematic developing of primary nursing in a(More)
This article describes major aspects of the rehabilitation system of the former German Democratic Republic, GDR. Based on presentation of the actors in the medical and occupational rehabilitation system, differences are pointed out in comparison to the notion of rehabilitation in the former Federal Republic of Germany, FRG. The article focuses on the system(More)
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