Christiane Rau

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Tooth eruption is a complex developmental process requiring coordinated navigation through alveolar bone and oral epithelium. Primary failure of tooth eruption (PFE) is associated with several syndromes primarily affecting skeletal development, but it is also known as a nonsyndromic autosomal-dominant condition. Teeth in the posterior quadrants of the upper(More)
The term "primary failure of eruption" (PFE) refers to the complete or partial failure of a primary non-ankylosed tooth to erupt due to a disturbance of the eruption mechanism. Up to now, the molecular basis for this failure was unknown. Four families were studied in whom at least two members were affected by non-syndromic PFE as part of a clinical and(More)
the literature. Price, in the Lancet for December 1934, quotes the results of Uroiste of Montevideo and Stejskal of Vienna. These workers used carefully-standardized triple typhoid vaccine intravenously, to produce the shock. Triple vaccine, by virtue of its specificity, produces a more defined and uniform reaction than other foreign proteins or nonspecific(More)
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