Christiane Pavlidis

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The present work was undertaken to assess the fate of ganglion cell debris in the axotomized retina of adult rats and employed a new technique to label phagocytosing microglia via the internalized material. In the main experiment, transection axotomy was performed on the intraorbital segment of the optic nerve, and a fast-transported, vital fluorescent(More)
Interactions between cultured nerve cells and surfaces are of importance for the implantation of biocompatible electrode materials such as glassy carbon (GC). Since implants serve as recording sensors in prosthetic neuroscience, we investigated whether coating electrodes with certain laminin derivatives containing the peptide sequences SIKVAV, CDPGYIGSR,(More)
The investigation of interactions between growing neurites and target cells during the development of the sensible corneal innervation is of crucial importance for understanding certain corneal diseases which are related to abnormal patterns of innervation. The purpose of the present work was to establish a culture system of cornea and trigeminal neurons(More)
Transplantations of limbus epithelium play a steadily increasing role in the therapy of chemical burns, recurrent erosions, and impaired differentiation of the limbus epithelium (LE). To assess the vitality of LE under different culture conditions, LE was excised from 30 patients and cultivated in media with serum (F12 + 10% FCS) and without it (S4 and(More)
BACKGROUND Supplementation of the diet with eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid, the main long-chain omega-3 fatty acids in cell membranes, may have beneficial effects in patients with cystic fibrosis. METHODS A prospective study involving 30 patients and 20 control subjects was carried out; eicosapentaenoic plus docosahexaenoic acid was equal(More)
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