Christiane Pagé

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The purposes of this study were to compare maternal-fetal attachment in normal and high-risk pregnancies and to identify variables affecting the maternal attachment process during pregnancy. Fifty-three women experiencing normal pregnancies and thirty-two women with high-risk pregnancies completed Cranley's prenatal attachment tool and a questionnaire(More)
Results of a study concerned with maternal self-esteem and prenatal attachment in women experiencing a high-risk pregnancy and women experiencing a normal pregnancy are presented. A statistically significant difference between the two groups was found in self-esteem as measured by scores on the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale. No significant differences were(More)
This article initiates exploratory empirical research on how civil society collective action has reacted to and affected communication–information policy (CIP), a policy domain that has been reshaped by technological and industrial change. It reviews the relevant theory on social movements, citizens groups, and interest groups from political science. Data(More)
A conceptual model for guiding the nurse in assessing the psychosocial impact of a high-risk pregnancy on and planning care for the family is described. The model depicts four major concepts that the nurse must consider in determining how the family is integrating, interpreting, and adapting to the high-risk pregnancy: health status of the pregnancy, the(More)
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  • Journal of nursing care quality
  • 1999
Performance improvement integration in health care organizations is a challenge for health care leaders. Required for accreditation by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (Joint Commission), performance improvement (PI) can be designed as a sustainable model for performance to survive in a turbulent period. Central Baptist(More)
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  • 1998
Shared Governance has been a successful organizational design for Central Baptist Hospital. We are addressing critical issues that impact our success, with involvement and facilitation of the employees who make up the organization. It will continue to change as our environment and system evolve. The movement from a traditional organizational structure and(More)
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