Christiane M. Differding

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Despite significant progress in the last 15 years, implementing a successful measurement program for software development is still a challenging undertaking. Most problems are not of theoretical but of methodological or practical nature. In this article, we present lessons learned from experiences with goal-oriented measurement. We structure them into(More)
Several important questions still need to be answered regarding the maintainability of object-oriented design documents. This paper focuses on the following issues: are object-oriented design documents easier to understand and modify than structured design documents? Do they need to comply with quality guidelines such as the ones provided by Coad and(More)
Skills, knowledge, and motivation of the software engineering workforce are essential prerequisites for maturing software development. But lack of human resources has become an obstacle for growth of the software industry. The CORONET approach aims at relieving the difficult situation by facilitating an innovative methodology and tool support for web-based(More)
Measurement is a necessary prerequisite for software process improvement. However, few guidelines exist for systematic planning of measurement programs within software projects. We advocate beginning with goal-oriented measurement as expressed in the GQM paradigm. When applying GQM, meaningful refinement of measurement goals requires a deep understanding of(More)
An approach to descriptive process modeling is described. A description of the process – a process model – is essential for successful process improvement. First, a process model serves as a baseline for process change. Secondly, the process model is needed to identify measurement points. Furthermore, an explicit representation of the process supports(More)
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