Christiane Hey

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BACKGROUND Pneumococcal meningitis is a rare but potentially fatal complication of cochlear implantation. METHODS A prospective study was conducted of the immunogenicity of pneumococcal vaccination in 174 patients with cochlear implants (CIs). The cohort was divided into groups of patients with impaired hearing due to meningitis (P(1)), cranial(More)
Tongue shape reconstruction based on safe and convenient measurement techniques is of great interest for speech research and speech therapy. Two potentially useful and related measurement techniques for this purpose are electropalatography (EPG) and optopalatography (OPG). While EPG measures the time-varying contact pattern between the hard palate and the(More)
BACKGROUND The Penetration-Aspiration Scale was developed by Rosenbek et al. to enable standardized documentation of this cardinal symptom of a swallowing disorder. OBJECTIVES The objective was to create and validate a German version of the Penetration-Aspiration Scale according to the guidelines governing the translation of foreign language measurement(More)
Surface electromyography (sEMG) is a well-established procedure for recording swallowing-related muscle activities. Because the use of a large number of sEMG channels is time consuming and technically sophisticated, the aim of this study was to identify the most significant electrode positions associated with oropharyngeal swallowing activities. Healthy(More)
BACKGROUND Accumulation of secretions in the hypopharynx, aditus laryngis and trachea constitute a cardinal trait of oropharyngeal dysphagia. For the evaluation of the degree of severity a 4-point secretion scale by Murray et al. is used internationally in a long and a short version. However, a validated German translation of the long version of this scale(More)
Penetration-aspiration is known as the main finding in deglutition-disordered patients with implications for diagnostics and therapeutic management. Reliable detection of penetration-aspiration is given with fiberoptic endoscopic evaluation of swallowing (FEES(®)) as one of the gold standards in instrumental swallowing evaluation. The advice to implement(More)
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