Christiane Grimm

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Abnormal accumulation of soluble oligomers of amyloid beta (Abeta) is believed to cause malfunctioning of neurons in Alzheimer's disease. It has been shown that Abeta oligomers impair synaptic plasticity, thereby altering the ability of the neuron to store information. We examined the underlying cellular mechanism of Abeta oligomer-induced synaptic(More)
Synaptic transmission is triggered by presynaptic calcium influx through voltage-gated calcium channels. Axon terminals of central neurons express a diverse set of homologous calcium channels, giving rise to P/Q-, N-, and R-type calcium currents. The relative contribution of these components to presynaptic calcium signalling is heterogeneous and(More)
BACKGROUND The number of patients age >65 years with malignant gliomas is increasing. Prognosis of these patients is worse compared with younger patients. To determine biological differences among malignant gliomas of different age groups and help to explain the survival heterogeneity seen in the NOA-08 trial, the prevalence and impact of recently(More)
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