Christiane Grimm

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BACKGROUND The number of patients age >65 years with malignant gliomas is increasing. Prognosis of these patients is worse compared with younger patients. To determine biological differences among malignant gliomas of different age groups and help to explain the survival heterogeneity seen in the NOA-08 trial, the prevalence and impact of recently(More)
The outcome of patients with anaplastic gliomas varies considerably depending on single molecular markers, such as mutations of the isocitrate dehydrogenase (IDH) genes, as well as molecular classifications based on epigenetic or genetic profiles. Remarkably, 98% of the RNA within a cell is not translated into proteins. Of those, especially microRNAs(More)
The distribution of thorium in the tissues of a whole body donor to the United States Transuranium and Uranium Registries is described. This case, identified by the USTUR as Case 0212, had two documented intakes of plutonium and americium from occupational accidents while employed at Hanford but no known occupational exposure to thorium. Concentrations of(More)
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