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Pab1 is the major poly(A)-binding protein in yeast. It is a multifunctional protein that mediates many cellular functions associated with the 3'-poly(A)-tail of messenger RNAs. Here, we characterize Pab1 as an export cargo of the protein export factor Xpo1/Crm1. Pab1 is a major Xpo1/Crm1-interacting protein in yeast extracts and binds directly to Xpo1/Crm1(More)
The organization of the genome is nonrandom and important for correct function. Specifically, the nuclear envelope plays a critical role in gene regulation. It generally constitutes a repressive environment, but several genes, including the GAL locus in budding yeast, are recruited to the nuclear periphery on activation. Here, we combine imaging and(More)
The organization and biophysical properties of the cytosol implicitly govern molecular interactions within cells. However, little is known about mechanisms by which cells regulate cytosolic properties and intracellular diffusion rates. Here, we demonstrate that the intracellular environment of budding yeast undertakes a startling transition upon glucose(More)
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