Christian de los Reyes

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Mutation of thymidylate synthase N229(177) to alanine results in an essentially inactive enzyme, yet it leads to formation of a stable ternary complex. The kinetics of N229(177)A show that kcat for Escherichia coli is reduced by 200-fold while the Km for dUMP is increased 200-fold and the Km for folate increased by tenfold versus the wild-type enzyme. The(More)
“Remote Context Monitoring of Actions and Behavior in a Location Through the Usage of a 3D Visualization in Real-time” is a software application designed to read large amounts of data from a database and use that data to recreate the context that events occurred to improve understanding of the data.
The pharmacology of G protein-coupled receptors is widely accepted to depend on the G protein subunit to which the agonist-stimulated receptor couples. In order to investigate whether CB(1) agonist-mediated signal transduction via an engineered G(alpha 16) system is different than that of the G(i/o) coupling normally preferred by the CB(1) receptor, we(More)
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