Christian Y. Gonzalez

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Cell growth is an essential requirement for cell cycle progression. While it is often held that growth is independent of cell cycle position, this relationship has not been closely scrutinized. Here we show that in budding yeast, the ability of cells to grow changes during the cell cycle. We find that cell growth is faster in cells arrested in anaphase and(More)
Aneuploidy, a chromosome content that is not a multiple of the haploid karyotype, is associated with reduced fitness in all organisms analyzed to date. In budding yeast aneuploidy causes cell proliferation defects, with many different aneuploid strains exhibiting a delay in G1, a cell cycle stage governed by extracellular cues, growth rate, and cell cycle(More)
Last year around one hundred researchers from Europe, Asia and the Americas met on the pristine shores of Llanquihue Lake in Puerto Varas, Chile, with the snow-capped peak of the Osorno volcano in the background to discuss the latest advances in the neuronal cytoskeleton field. The venue was an EMBO Workshop on Emerging Concepts of the Neuronal(More)
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