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Repetitive elements represent a large portion of the human genome and contain much of the CpG methylation found in normal human postnatal somatic tissues. Loss of DNA methylation in these sequences might account for most of the global hypomethylation that characterizes a large percentage of human cancers that have been studied. There is widespread interest(More)
Hypomethylation of some portions of the genome and hypermethylation of others are very frequent in human cancer. The hypomethylation often involves satellite 2 (Sat2) DNA in the juxtacentromeric (centromere-adjacent) region of chromosome 1. In this study, we analyzed methylation in centromeric and juxtacentromeric satellite DNA in 115 ovarian cancers, 26(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to determine the relationship between A1C and glycemia in HIV infection. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS We completed a prospective cross-sectional study of 100 HIV-infected adults with type 2 diabetes (77%) or fasting hyperglycemia (23%) with measured glucose, A1C, mean corpuscular volume (MCV), and fructosamine. A(More)
OBJECTIVE HIV and type 2 diabetes are known risk factors for albuminuria, but no previous reports have characterized albuminuria in HIV-infected patients with diabetes. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS We performed a cross-sectional study including 73 HIV-infected adults with type 2 diabetes, 82 HIV-infected non-diabetics, and 61 diabetic control subjects(More)
Hantaviruses are rodent-borne viruses capable of causing human disease. The Seoul virus is a hantavirus that causes hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome in East Asia. To our knowledge, we report the first domestically acquired case of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome caused by the Seoul virus, confirmed by serology testing, reverse-transcriptase(More)
INTRODUCTION Prior studies (predominantly from Europe) have demonstrated blood culture-negative endocarditis due to Bartonella. Our objective was to describe three cases of Bartonella quintana endocarditis identified within one year at a large hospital in Washington, DC, USA. CASE PRESENTATION We constructed a descriptive case series from a retrospective(More)
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